Power Plants and CHP

We specialize in the engineering and project management of biomass fired power plants.  Fuels include wood chips, waste wood, pelletized and torrefied biomass, bagasse and miscanthus.

Dedicated biomass plants usually range in capacity from 5 to 75 MW and are constructed close to an adequate fuel source.   Fuels range from wood or plant residue at up to 55% moisture to pelletized or torrefied product at around 8% moisture.

McKillup Engineering provides over 30 years’ experience in the engineering of biomass fired plants.

Boilers and Generators

We offer restoration and up-grade services on industrial boilers and heat recovery steam generators. 

Work includes inspection of existing equipment and life expectancy predictions.   We advise on necessary modifications and replacement parts to attain original design performance or redesign the boiler to improve performance and emissions.

Recent experience includes the conversion of a stoker fired boiler to bubbling fluidized bed combustion and addition of emissions control systems on biomass fired boilers.

Waste Heat Recovery

In addition to equipment supply, we offer consulting services to electric utilities, independent power producers, equipment manufacturers and industrial users of low and medium temperature heat exchangers.  

Problem analysis and retrofit engineering services are provided where existing equipment has failed to meet performance criteria or has given inadequate service life.  

We also offer specialist design and application engineering services in low temperature heat recovery from flue gases containing corrosive acids.

Features Solutions

Stoker Fired Boilers
McKillup Engineering teams with major grate suppliers to provide the best combination of feeders and grates to maintain adequate combustion of the selected fuel.
Bubbling and Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
Fluidized beds are most widely used when combusting a very wide range of moisture contents or burning a mixture of fuels when strict emissions requirements must be met.
Thermal Performance
Thermal performance is predicted from the design fuel and will be met under most operating conditions
New-build and Retrofit Applications
A plant can be designed using new equipment or by modifying or transporting existing equipment. In either case,
Oil and Gas Fired Package Boilers
McKillup Engineering offers design, engineering and project management services on oil and gas fired packaged boilers of up to 200,000 lb/hr evaporation.
Combustion Calculations
All combustion calculations are performed of verified in-house starting from a specified design fuel.
Mass and Heat Balances
Using the combustion calculations as a base, we prepare a process flow diagram from which the system mass and heat balances and P & ID’s are created.
Biomass Experience
McKillup Engineering has designed, engineered, project managed, started up and performance tested biomass fired plants firing wood chip, wood waste, bark, bagasse and mixed fuels for over 30 years.