We We work with the owner or EPC contractor to develop the station cycle on industrial power plants. We prepare mass, heat, energy balances and process flow diagrams to cover fuel, water/steam, air/flue gas and ash. We select the appropriate control systems and equipment to meet site emissions requirements with maximized plant efficiency.


We prepare plans and specifications for the power plant building and for the equipment required to meet the selected energy balance. We review all contractor proposals and drawings to assist the owner with equipment and contractor evaluation. After equipment procurement, we will review contractor drawings for compliance and suitability for purpose. We also prepare all P & ID's based on the process flow diagram.

Project Mangement

We work with the owner or EPC contractor to establish a satisfactory project budget and schedule, with limited risk. We develop purchase orders/contracts for all major equipment and installation contractors. We prepare and control manufacturing and installation schedule to meet the project end-date. If required, we will supply qualified technicians to supervise site installation, equipment cleaning, start-up and performance testing of the plant.

Services Highlights

Design - Energy Balance
Energy balances are the basis of all power plant design, permitting the owner to select operating conditions and determine net power developed by the plant. All system mass and heat balances are developed in-house.
Engineering - Revit Autodesk
All buildings are designed using Autodesk® Revit® Architecture building design software which works the way architects and designers think, so we can develop higher-quality, more accurate architectural designs. BIM enables us to create, communicate design intent, and understand performance, appearance,  cost early in the building design process.
Project Management - Development
We are experienced in the development of project budgets, schedules and project scope, with a special emphasis on biomass fired plants. We have established project documentation to record changes in scope and cost such that these are brought to the owner's attention at the earliest date.
Design - Emission Standards
Plant emissions standards are controlled by government or international bodies. We prepare system and equipment designs that will meet these requirements under all operating conditions.
Engineering - Experience
Engineering is completed by an experienced team of professionals that cover mechanical, thermal, combustion, electrical, controls and structural engineering. Each team member has over 20 years of experience in power plant design and operation with fuels ranging from natural gas to municipal solid waste, coal and biomass.
Project Mangement - Consulting
Consulting is driven by our mission to provide you practical experience in a best-practice environment. We will work both as a support and a resource. As a result, project teams are better able to identify positive and negative factors in their projects, and take appropriate and effective corrective action.