About Us

Two principals with combined industrial boiler experience in excess of 80 years Experience in industrial boiler design on Coal, oil, gas and biomass fired boilers Experience in engineering, proposal design, project management, construction, start up and performance testing of industrial boilers
•Stoker fired boilers
•Bubbling fluidized bed boilers
•Circulating fluidized bed boilers
•Combustion calculations
•Thermal performance
•Mass and heat balances
•New-build and Retrofit applications


Biomass Experience
•Designed, project managed started up and performance tested units firing:
•Wood waste
•Wood chips
•Mixed fuels

Background of Principals

John Mckillup
B & W Limited, London, Renfrew & Johannesburg (RSA) – Construction, Design, Proposal Engineering, Project Management on Industrial & utility boilers
Green Economizers Inc – President of World’s leading supplier of economizer, airheaters and diesel engine heat recovery boilers.  Design, installation, project management of economizers, airheaters and HRSG’s.   Troubleshooting and redesign of competitors problem installations
McKillup Engineering Inc design, engineering and project management of solid fuel fired boilers and associated equipment


Jim Kowolenko
Bigelow Boiler Company – Chief estimator – Responsible for boiler design, estimating and negotiation of all biomass and coal fired boiler projects
Blacksmith Associates – Design and retrofit of boilers, heat exchangers, economizer, airheaters, HRSG’s